R.M. of Moosomin No. 121

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In accordance with Bylaw No 269-18 of the Rural Municipality of Moosomin No 121:

Notice is hereby given that effective 12 noon, April 27, 2021 and until further notice a FIRE ADVISORY (see description below for details) will be in effect for the entire Rural Municipality of Moosomin No 121.

Any person contravening this Fire Ban Fire Advisory will be served with a Bylaw Violation Notice and subject to a Voluntary Payment in accordance with Section 7 of Bylaw No 269-18 Any person who fails to pay the Voluntary Payment within thirty (30) days of service shall be subject to a fine in accordance with Section 8 of Bylaw No 269-18

FIRE ADVISORY: Open burning in the Municipality is not recommended due to dry conditions. It is recommended Agriculture and Industrial operations have water tanks filled and at their disposal at all times. Ratepayers will be advised to use extreme caution when burning or using fireworks and have a plan to extinguish a fire to prevent wildfires

FIRE BAN (2 Types)

Partial Ban: No fires or fireworks Use of CSA and UL approved appliances s permitted (Incinerators, Liquid Fuel Barbecues Camp Stoves) Burning barrels with screens under constant supervision are permitted Campfires in approved containers as per Schedule A are permitted. Solid Fuel Barbecues and Recreational Campfires are permitted under the Partial Fire Ban providing:

  1. Fires must be under constant supervision by an adult
  2. Enclosed fire pits or barbecues must be covered with a metal screen having openings no greater that 1/2” and must cover the entire opening. Logs or other fuel source must be fully contained within the enclosure. Embers and ash must be prevented from escaping the enclosure
  3. The fire pit/barbecue must be a distance of at least 20 inches from any grass and 10 feet from any combustible structure or item
  4. Be prepared and have a plan to extinguish a fire should a fires escape from the pit/barbecue
  5. Fires and embers must be extinguished completely when not under constant supervision
  6. Absolutely no burning in wind speeds above 10 km/hour

Complete Ban: No open burning, fireworks burning barrels or fire pits/campfires Use of CSA and UL approved appliances is permitted (Incinerators Liquid Fuel Barbecues Camp Stoves)

DATED at Moosomin Saskatchewan this 22nd day of April 2021

David Moffatt - Committee Member
Herb Doll - Committee Member

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