The Town of Moosomin is located in southeast Saskatchewan on the Trans-Canada Highway, at the intersection of highway 8. Moosomin is 25 km west of the Manitoba border, and 125 km north of North Dakota, USA.

The Town & RM have a population of 3500, and serve a trading area of 56,000. Within a 350 km radius a market of over 1.3 million people is readily accessible via the Trans-Canada Highway.


Moosomin has a vibrant economy with strengths in Agriculture (23% of the workforce), Mining (12%), Health Care (11%), Retail (10%) and construction (10%). Moosomin is one of only a few rural Saskatchewan communities that continues to see population and economic growth.

With the two largest potash mines in Canada - Nutrien Rocanville and Mosaic Esterhazy - the potash mining industry in the area is strong and growing. These facilities have attracted billions of dollars in upgrades and expansions over the years, and their future remains bright.

Manufacturing has grown in the area in the last several years, with Vaderstad expanding its agriculture implement manufacturing plant at Langbank, IJACK developing an oilfield equipment manufacturing plant at Moosomin, and several companies in the area fabricating items for the mining industry.

The region has been home to continuous large scale projects over the past dozen years, including Red Lily Wind Farm, twinning of Trans-Canada Highway, a modern district hospital, multiple Potash Mine upgrades & expansions, Trans-Canada Pipeline, Enbridge Pipeline and the Parrish & Heimbecker Grain Terminal.

These ongoing construction projects help support a very robust hospitality industry, with the town hosting 3 national branded hotels, multiple motels and a host of restaurants including fast food, family and fine dining.

Average income is $103,000 per household, for a total regional income of $2.2 billion.

Major Employers (100 km radius)

  • Nutrien Potash Mine
  • Mosaic Potash Mines
  • Borderland Co-operative
  • Vaderstad Industries (farm implement manufacturers)
  • Bridgeview Manufacturing (farm implement manufacturing)
  • Farm Equipment Dealerships– a cluster of 4 major farm implement dealerships
  • Vehicle Dealerships – a cluster of 3 vehicle dealerships
  • Parish & Heimbecker Grain Terminal

Quality of Life

Moosomin is a warm and welcoming rural community with the vibrancy of a much larger Town. A proud and engaged community that still reflects traditional rural values and where families enjoy a safe and caring environment.

Moosomin boasts recreation amenities of towns twice its size, along with the full offering of retail, professional, commercial and hospitality services.

If "getting away from it all" is your thing, the Town is in easy reach of the Moosomin Regional Park, the Kenosee Lake Tourist area, the eastern Qu’Appelle Valley chain of lakes, and Manitoba’s Asessippi Ski Resort.

Moosomin Key Businesses

  • Immediate access to Trans-Canada highway (east/west) and highway #8 (north/south)
  • Daily flow of close to 7000 vehicles by our front door – amongst the highest highway traffic count of any rural Saskatchewan community
  • Immediate access to CP rail line
  • A strong, diverse economy anchored in agriculture & mining
  • Exceptional healthcare services
  • A growing “hub” community, drawing from 100 km radius.
  • A forward thinking, business friendly community, with tax-incentives for eligible businesses
  • Premium real estate still available
  • An exceptional quality of life for your employees & their families!

Your Opportunity
Industry Opportunity Moosomin Advantage

Distribution and Warehousing

Trans-Canada highway & rail line accessibility; prime real estate. A market of over 1.2 million people within 350 km

Agricultural Services or Ag Processing

highly productive canola and wheat farming region; Significant cattle industry; immediate access to rail & highway

Mining Services

Canada’s 2 largest potash mines within a 100 km radius. Close to 2000 employees.

Retail and Service

A regional market of 56,000 residents, plus drive-by traffic counts of nearly 7000 vehicles per day. Prime, highway visible/accessible real estate available.

General Manufacturing/processing

Available real estate quick highway access; Rail access. Market of 1.3 million within 350 km

Healthcare & Senior’s Services

Moosomin is quickly evolving into a regional healthcare hub, with a modern District Hospital; public & private (pre-construction) Senior’s Care Facilities, & a large team of family doctors

Greg Gillespie, Economic Development Officer

Greg Gillespie joined the Town and RM of Moosomin as Economic Development Officer in February 2020. Greg’s mandate is to bring new business to the area, while helping current businesses grow. This role extends to working with individuals to help launch their new business ideas, and as well, connecting individuals and businesses for their mutual advantage.

Greg and his wife, Gayle moved to Moosomin, SK in February, 2015. They are originally from Nova Scotia, and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

Greg has a varied business background working in a wide range of industries, including: retail, farm equipment; poultry processing; manufacturing; processing; banking and brewing.

He started his career in strategic marketing/branding for Labatt Brewery 30 years ago, and advanced through a variety of roles over the years including Sales, Marketing, Operations and General Management.

A large part of Greg’s career was involved in starting up and/or managing new businesses; developing and launching new products; and building strategic alliances. His Marketing, Sales and Procurement responsibilities have taken him to many parts of the world, including the United States, British West Indies, Scandinavia, China and the Middle East.

It is the depth and breadth of business experience that makes Greg a great fit for this position.

Greg works with, and reports to, the Economic Development Committee - made up of Town and RM Council members, Community/Business Representatives, and the President of The Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on the Town and Rural Municipality of Moosomin, Saskatchewan, please contact:
Greg Gillespie - Economic Development Officer:
Phone: 306-532-3157

Before You Build

Incentive Program

The RM of Moosomin implanted a tax incentive to attract new commercial business to the Moosomin area in 2015.  The system is on a tiered system based on the assessment of the improvement (Building, structure) that is built by the business.  The exemption is based from the date of the first assessment on the improvements provided by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).

Tier 1 – 0-1,000,000 in assessment equals 1 year of tax exemption

Tier 2- 1,000,001 – 5,000,000 in assessment equals 2 year of tax exemption

Tier 3- 5,000,001 – plus in assessment equals 3 year of tax exemption

Greater than 5,000,000- a negotiation with council would take place.

Having an incentive available for commercial development is a way to help offset the cost of construction that a new business is faced with by not having to pay property tax in their first full year of operation.

To find out more about locating your business in the R.M. of Moosomin, phone 306-435-3113 or e-mail

Tax Advantages

If you are considering locating in Moosomin as opposed to a Manitoba location, there are significant tax advantages for you and your employees to locating on the Saskatchewan side of the border

Comparison Saskatchewan to Manitoba (2020 Rates)

Top Personal Tax Rates



Employment Income



Dividend Income - Non-Eligible



Dividen Income - Eligible



Capital Gains



Personal Exemption



Provincial Sales Tax



From a personal tax standpoint and employee attraction component, people in Saskatchewan pay less personal tax than Manitoba and therefore have more money in their pockets at the end of the day

The other key item is the basic personal exemption in Manitoba is only $9,838 while in Saskatchewan that exemption is $16,065. So there is a bigger advantage on the personal side in Saskatchewan, than in Manitoba.

Payroll Tax

In Manitoba an additional tax is added on to the corporation if their payroll (or a combined group of companies) exceeds 1.25 million in wage cost in a given year as follows:

Come Grow With Us!

The 2016 census shows that the town of Moosomin led the region in population growth between the 2011 and 2016 censuses, with 10.4 per cent population growth. According to the census, Moosomin went from 2,484 residents in the 2011 census to 2,743 in the 2016 census. Moosomin had grown by 8.9 per cent between the 2006 and 2011 censuses.
The increase of 10.4 per cent in the last five years is the highest for any community in the region.

Moosomin's growth rate recorded in the census is higher than surrounding communities like Virden, Esterhazy, Kipling, and Carlyle, and is higher than cities in the region like Yorkton, Weyburn and Estevan.

The R.M. of Moosomin has lots of business opportunities and lots of potential for additional growth. The town has recently established an economic development committee to encourage growth. The R.M. of Moosomin invites you to come grow with us!

Economic Development Committee

The R.M. of Moosomin Welcomes New Business

We welcome new businesses to consider locating to the R.M. of Moosomin.

The town of Moosomin and the surounding RM of Moosomin are home to a diverse group of businesses, from restaurants and retailers to major implement dealers and auto dealers.

Moosomin’s economy is based on a solid local agricultural economy, oil and gas, and mining. Moosomin is located near the north end of the Bakken formation, and there has been a lot of oil activity in the area in recent years. It is also located near the PotashCorp Rocanville mine, which recently completed a major expansion and now employs more than 700 people.

Moosomin provides health services for a wide area, with the doctors of the Moosomin Family Practice Centre and the staff at the Southeast Integrated Care Centre serving an area with a population of more than 10,000

The R.M. of Moosomin recently established an Economic Development Committee to work with businesses considering becoming part of the Moosomin community.

If you want to find out more about the potential for your business in Moosomin, phone 306-435-3113.

Regional Population

Moosomin is a regional centre for about 16,000 people in the area. There are about 35,000 people who live within a one-hour drive of Moosomin.

The following is the 2016 sensus breakdown of population of local communities in the Moosomin area:


2016 Population

Town of Moosomin


Town of Rocanville


Town of Fleming


Town of Wapella


Town of Whitewood


Village of Kennedy


Town of Wawota


Village of Fairlight


Town of Maryfield


Town of Redvers


Village of Elkhorn


Village of St. Lazare


Village of Spy Hill


Village of Tantallon


RM of Ellice-Archie


RM of Wallace-Woodworth


RM of Spyhill


RM of Willowdale


RM of Moosomin


RM of Martin


RM of Silverwood


RM of Maryfield


RM of Walpole


RM of Wawken


RM of Antler


RM of Rocanville




Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Century 21 Dome Realty Inc.

4420 Albert Street
Regina, SK
S4S 6B4

Carol Russell
Telephone: 306-435-3365 or 306-434-7761

Re/Max - Blue Chip Realty

269 Hamilton Road
Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 4C6
Telephone: 306-783-6666

Telephone: 306-435-7343

Telephone: 306-434-7851

Royal LePage Premier Realty

217 Kaiser Avenue
Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A 2A0
Telephone: 306.743.5558

Kimberly Setrum

Eastgate Business Park

Moosomin, SK
Telephone: 306-435-9790

East Point Industrial Park

The East Point Industrial Park, owned by the RM of Moosomin, consists of 9 lots ranging from 2.4 to 9 acres.

These lots are conveniently located immediately to the east of the Town of Moosomin, near the East Access Road. All lots are fully serviced, with paved road access. Geotechnical reports will be provided to potential buyers.

All properties offer full visibility from the Trans-Canada Highway, with average traffic counts of 5000 vehicles per day.

These premium lots are available for $40,000 per acre. Tax incentives are available for qualifying businesses.

Moosomin is located in south east Saskatchewan along the Trans-Canada highway, near the Manitoba Border. Moosomin is a vibrant and economically diverse rural community of 3300 (Town & RM), serving as the regional hub for a market of 12,000. A population of over 1 million people is accessible within a 350 km radius.

For more information on East Point Industrial Park please contact the CAO of Moosomin RM #121 at 306-435-4950 or

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